Chimerical in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Chimerical

an invention of an individual’s imagination

Examples of Chimerical in a sentence

1. The company was fined when the government discovered it had used chimerical data to get approval for its new drug. 🔉

2. According to the auditor’s review, the company described by the accountant is nothing but a chimerical firm that has been used to launder stolen funds. 🔉

3. Jessica has decided to attend the Halloween party dressed as the chimerical creature known as the unicorn. 🔉

4. After my daughter read the book about the chimerical creatures, she found it difficult to believe vampires and werewolves were not real. 🔉

5. My delusional aunt lives in a chimerical world where she is a queen with a hundred servants.  🔉

6. As I looked at the trending headline about my favorite actor’s death, I prayed the caption was chimerical and not true. 🔉

7. Pirate Jack could not believe he had fooled so many people with his chimerical treasure map. 🔉

8. When Carla came out of her daydream, she realized her date with the famous singer had been a chimerical event. 🔉

9. The police refused to listen to the man’s chimerical tale of an alien abduction. 🔉

10. Although my grandfather was never in the military, he enjoys telling chimerical stories about his many wartime battles.  🔉

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