Cliche in a Sentence  đź”Š

Definition of Cliche

a word or phrase used excessively

Examples of Cliche in a sentence

When will Ginger come up with a new phrase and stop using that clichĂ© in all her social media posts?  đź”Š

Come up with something new because your argument is just a clichĂ© I’ve heard a thousand times.  đź”Š

Because teenagers like a certain phrase, they will repeat it over and over again until it becomes a clichĂ©.  đź”Š

The saying “a diamond in the rough” is a clichĂ© used to describe someone whose true value has not been revealed.  đź”Š

By using a clichĂ© repeatedly in the lyrics, the songwriter has made the tune very boring.  đź”Š

“Time heals all wounds” is a clichĂ© most heartbroken people do not immediately believe.  đź”Š

Since I just heard you tell ten other girls how their beauty stops your heart, I know you are trying to use a clichĂ© to get my attention.  đź”Š

Jane could not think of a good toast so she simply said a clichĂ© she often heard in wedding movies.  đź”Š

Since Mrs. Smith prefers to see original ideas in her students’ essays, she lowers a grade five points every time she encounters a clichĂ© in a paper.  đź”Š

Could you please stop using that clichĂ© and say something I haven’t heard before?  đź”Š

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