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Definition of Recluse

a person who lives alone and avoids other people; a hermit

Examples of Recluse in a sentence

Despite her reputation as a recluse, Samantha held regular gatherings in her home to entertain close friends.  🔊

Because her mother had lived life as a recluse ever since becoming a widow, Paula had to spend a good deal of time running her mother’s errands instead of living her own life.  🔊

The rumor around town is that the Great Mysterio became a recluse when his wife was paralyzed after helping with one of his illusions.  🔊

Becoming a recluse is not usually a matter of choice because many who live this way of life have mental issues such as agoraphobia.  🔊

While being a recluse may seem to be a serene existence, who really knows whether these solitary souls experience inner peace?  🔊

Heads turned and people stared as people in the library realized that the town’s recluse had come through the door.  🔊

Even though Mr. Green is a legendary recluse, he allows the town’s children to use his mansion as a haunted house on Halloween.  🔊

The aging actress was never able to accept the fact that she couldn’t play the young love interest, so she became a recluse to avoid accepting Granny roles.  🔊

As a recluse, Myrna had learned everything she knew about the world from newspapers and magazines.  🔊

After the firemen broke down the door, they discovered that the old lady who had been living as a recluse had died, surrounded by mounds of assorted artifacts from her life.  🔊

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