Chop in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Chop

to cut something into pieces with a sharp blow from an edged tool

Examples of Chop in a sentence

Without a gas fireplace, my dad always had to go into the woods and chop lumber for our family with an axe.  🔊

In an effort to clear out all of the underbrush behind our home, I had to take a machete and chop away at all of the dead limbs and bushes.  🔊

In order to perform a Karate chop, you must use the edge of your hand to strike, since a chop requires a thin edge.  🔊

An axe is the most common tool used to chop wood because it is weighted on the sharp side, allowing it to cleave into lumber more easily.  🔊

We had one large log in the backyard, but my Dad used his old axe to chop it up into smaller pieces so we could throw it into the woods more easily.  🔊

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