Chore in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Chore

a routine and generally disliked task, usually carried out in the household

Examples of Chore in a sentence

My main chore around the house is taking out the trash, which I personally believe is preferable to my brother, who has to walk the dog.  🔊

Washing the dishes is often considered a chore around my house, since my mom always makes us wash the pots by hand.  🔊

I always felt that waking up early for school was a chore, as it only brings misery for me to wake up before the sun is even out.  🔊

The most annoying chore in my household is having to vacuum the house, since we have a dog who sheds a lot.  🔊

Chores are usually assigned children by the parents that hated doing those same chores when they were kids.  🔊

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