Chose in a Sentence  ðŸ”Š

Definition of Chose

the act of having chosen something

Examples of Chose in a sentence

Mordred of the Round Table chose to betray his Lord, King Arthur, rather than serve him faithfully.  ðŸ”Š

With a choice between the large present and the small one, the young boy chose the bigger one thinking it would be better.  ðŸ”Š

I chose to do my homework earlier rather than later so I could take it easy for the rest of the night once I was finished.  ðŸ”Š

The man chose to give his inheritance to his younger son rather than his oldest since the youngest was his favorite.  ðŸ”Š

The young girl chose to go home rather than stay out with her friends because she didn’t want to get in trouble with her parents.  ðŸ”Š

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