Premier in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Premier

to be the leading or primary element of a group of something

Examples of Premier in a sentence

1. Of all the hotels in the world, this premier hotel was on the top of every hotel critic’s top ten list. 🔉

2. To be accepted into the premier nursery school, students were required to have a high IQ and their parents had to pay a large sum of money. 🔉

3. While living in the premier apartment complex, Jeff’s friends were envious of the apartment’s impressive amenities compared to the other apartments in the area. 🔉

4. Once I was diagnosed with cancer, I was happy that I would be a patient of the premier oncologist in the industry who successfully treated the most patients. 🔉

5. The funeral director tried to sell me the gold-plated casket from their premier line for many thousands of dollars. 🔉

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