Chooses in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Chooses

refers to the act of making a decision or selection

Examples of Chooses in a sentence

She chooses to be flexible and adaptable, rather than being rigid and inflexible.  🔊

She chooses to surround herself with people who support and encourage her, rather than those who bring her down.  🔊

She chooses to be patient and understanding, rather than rushing or pushing others.  🔊

She chooses to be responsible and reliable, rather than being careless or irresponsible.  🔊

He chooses to be open-minded and curious, rather than being closed-off and judgmental.  🔊

He chooses to learn from his mistakes, rather than dwelling on them or making excuses.  🔊

After carefully considering all options, she chose the blue dress over the red one.  🔊

She chooses to be honest and open with others, rather than hiding her thoughts and feelings.  🔊

Each day, he chooses to wake up early and start his day with a healthy breakfast and a workout.  🔊

He chooses to volunteer his time at the local animal shelter rather than spending his weekends at the mall.  🔊

She chooses to focus on the positive aspects of her life, rather than dwelling on the negative.  🔊

He chooses to be kind and compassionate, rather than acting selfishly or spitefully.  🔊

Despite the pressure to conform, she chooses to be true to herself and live her life on her own terms.  🔊

As the leader of the group, he has the final say in all decisions and chooses the path that he thinks is best for everyone.  🔊

He chooses to spend his time and energy on activities that he finds fulfilling and meaningful.  🔊

She chooses to focus on her studies and forgo a social life in order to achieve her goals.  🔊

He chooses to be grateful and appreciative, rather than taking things for granted.  🔊

He chooses to be persistent and resilient, rather than giving up or giving in.  🔊

Despite the many temptations and distractions, she chooses to focus on her goals and work hard to achieve them.  🔊

When faced with a difficult decision, he chooses to take his time and carefully consider all his options.  🔊

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