Clung in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Clung

gripped or stuck to something

Examples of Clung in a sentence

As the little girl didn’t want to be left at the preschool, she clung to her mother’s leg by wrapping both of her arms and legs around her mother’s calf.  🔊

Due to the static in my clothes, a sock accidentally clung to my pantyhose which was embarrassing as I peeled it off.  🔊

Since the man saw the approaching tsunami wave in the ocean, he clung to a nearby tree to try to prevent from being swept out to sea.  🔊

When the coast guard threw the life preserver to the victim in the water, she clung to it by wrapping her arms around it to stay afloat.  🔊

The teenage girl’s spandex pants clung completely to her skin that it looked like it might be cutting off the girl’s circulation.  🔊

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