Trait in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Trait

a critical characteristic of a person’s personality

Examples of Trait in a sentence

Honesty is a trait that most parents greatly value in their children, as nothing is more troublesome than someone who lies to their parents. 🔊

If you ever take a personality test or go to an interview, you may be asked what your most valuable trait is, and the best answer is usually something like willpower or honesty. 🔊

Many intellectuals find their intelligence to be their most valuable trait, as they are more proud of that part of their character than anything else. 🔊

If there is one trait that no one appreciates in a friend, it is deceitfulness, because a friend you cannot trust is no friend at all. 🔊

The trait that someone needs the most to be a good leader is the determination to succeed in their organization’s goal. 🔊

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