Coagulate in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Coagulate

to thicken or develop as a mass

Examples of Coagulate in a sentence

Over time the milk will coagulate and become a bottle of disgusting clots.  🔊

The killer did not realize the blood would coagulate on the floor and form a huge blob.  🔊

Soon the candy mixture will coagulate around the apple and form one of my favorite treats.  🔊

According to the directions, you should stir the brownie batter until it begins to coagulate.  🔊

It was fun to poach the egg and watch it coagulate in the boiling pot.  🔊

Because John lacks the proteins that coagulate blood, he could bleed to death if he is injured.  🔊

My son is always eager for the pudding to coagulate in the refrigerator.  🔊

Within a few hours, the stain will coagulate and form a protective covering over the deck.  🔊

I knew the blood had started to coagulate when it stopped oozing from the wound.  🔊

If you do not close the cap tightly, the glue will coagulate and become unusable.  🔊

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