Triage in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Triage

to sort by a particular attribute

Examples of Triage in a sentence

The purpose of the automated phone system is to triage calls so they can be routed to the proper customer service agent.  🔊

During the training, first responders will triage fake victims according to the severity of their injuries.  🔊

A good accountant will be able to triage your financial records to make it easier for you to keep track of your affairs.  🔊

As the receptionist of a large healthcare practice, Janice has to triage hundreds of phone calls on a daily basis.  🔊

The 911 operator is trained to triage emergency calls in order to identify what kind of assistance is needed.  🔊

Before deciding what to take to their new apartment, Jenna and Steve will triage their belongings to identify their essential goods.  🔊

The job of the restaurant hostess is to triage each party to identify their seating needs.  🔊

Because there were so many calls to the tip line, two officers were asked to triage the calls by relevance to the case.  🔊

The hospital staff will triage the victims of the wreck to ensure the people are treated in order of priority.  🔊

In order to ensure accurate mail delivery, the mail sorters triage the mail by destination and shipping speed.  🔊

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