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Definition of Constants

values that remain unchanged throughout a program

Examples of Constants in a sentence

Constants, like the speed of light and the gravitational force, are fundamental to our understanding of the universe.  🔊

Constants are fixed values that do not change, and they play a crucial role in many scientific equations and calculations.  🔊

The speed of light is one of the most famous constants in physics, and it is designated as "c" in equations.  🔊

Constants, such as the boiling point of water, are used to standardize measurements in science.  🔊

Constants are typically denoted by a symbol, such as the letter "c" for the speed of light or "pi" for the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter.  🔊

The concept of constants is not limited to the physical sciences; in economics, for example, the rate of inflation is often treated as a constant.  🔊

Some constants, such as the gravitational constant, have been measured with great accuracy, while others, such as the value of the dark energy density, are still a subject of debate among scientists.  🔊

The use of constants in scientific research has been instrumental in advancing our understanding of the natural world, and they continue to play a crucial role in many areas of science.  🔊

The physicist, Morgan, was fascinated by the concept of constants in the universe.  🔊

Isaac Newton's laws of motion are based on the assumption that certain constants, such as the speed of light and the gravitational constant, are fixed.  🔊

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