Construe in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Construe

to clarify what something means

Examples of Construe in a sentence

We were all amazed by the detective’s ability to construe logic out of the killer’s strange riddle. 🔊

How are we supposed to construe the meaning of Janey’s statement when we cannot question her about it? 🔊

Although I tried to pay you a compliment, you have decided to construe my words as an insult. 🔊

You should not construe my silence as an acceptance of your ridiculous plan to rob the bank. 🔊

If John lies to the police, they will construe his deception as an indication of his guilt. 🔊

Some people may construe Alan’s constant frown as a sign he is displeased about life in general. 🔊

Even though Ellen looked at the handwritten note several times, she was unable to construe the message behind Henry’s messy text. 🔊

Can you believe Ethan had no idea airport security would construe the gun in his backpack as a threat? 🔊

When the judge realized Helen would not answer the lawyer’s questions, he had no choice but to construe her disobedience as contempt and place her in jail. 🔊

There was no way I could construe Jim’s mumbled words as a sincere apology. 🔊

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