Cogitate in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Cogitate

to think hard about; to consider

Examples of Cogitate in a sentence

If you are unhappy in your job, you should take some time off to get away and cogitate about whether you want to change your career path.  🔊

After the guilty verdict was handed in, the judge released the jury so that he could cogitate about the kind of sentence he should pass.  🔊

My priest told me I could ease the tension in my life by making time every day to find a quiet place to pray and cogitate on peaceful things.  🔊

After Timmy drew on the dining room wall with markers, his mother sent him to Time Out to make him cogitate about what he had done.  🔊

Even though he had received many invitations to celebrate his ninetieth birthday, the old spy preferred to stay home with a good cigar and quietly cogitate upon his life of adventure.  🔊

When she realized that there were several bills that were months past due, Sally finally admitted to herself that it was time to cogitate about how to change her spending habits.  🔊

Henderson presented the new problem to the Executive Committee on Friday, telling them to cogitate on the matter over the weekend.  🔊

After spending more than an hour on one homework problem, Michael decided not to cogitate on it any longer and went to the kitchen for a snack.  🔊

If you cogitate on your destiny for too long, you will miss out on your life.  🔊

If they had taken just a few minutes to cogitate on the consequences of their action, they would never have taken that car for a joy ride.  🔊

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