Control group in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Control group

the group of people in a study or experimentation that do not take the treatment or action

Examples of Control group in a sentence

Research found that the weight loss product worked because the control group maintained their weight whereas the experimental group took the product and lost a lot of weight.  🔊

In the experiment, the people in the control group were told to behave naturally because the scientists would be comparing the other group’s behavior who ingested the medicine.  🔊

Even though the control group in the study were not administered any medication, some of them sustained side effects due to the cold temperature in the room.  🔊

Since the control group remained steady with their body temperature, the conclusion from the study revealed that the medication does affect the body’s reaction.  🔊

After using potting mix for the first group of plants, the control group for the second group of plants did not receive any potting mix in the study.  🔊

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