Gaggle in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Gaggle

a disorderly and noisy group of people

Examples of Gaggle in a sentence

The gaggle of middle school students exited the school with excited chatter and yelling, a sure sign of their joy for the end of the school day.  🔊

The mall is always filled with a gaggle of people going every which way and making a whole bunch of noise.  🔊

I prefer to avoid the gaggle of people that is my classmates arriving to class, because I prefer solitude and peace.  🔊

Maybe the reason we call a loud group of people a gaggle is because a gaggle of Geese is equally loud and annoying?  🔊

If you gather together too many noisy people you will likely have a gaggle on your hands before you know it or want it.  🔊

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