Converge in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Converge

to come together from different places to meet at one point

Examples of Converge in a sentence

Every year, my family chooses to converge in Georgia from all around the United States for our family reunion.  🔊

With the location and time of the would-be protest shared with everyone beforehand, the many protestors involved will converge on the town hall at exactly eight AM.  🔊

Three squads of police were forced to converge on the scene of a riot after fighting broke out between the people protesting there.  🔊

Once the enemy city was surrounded on all sides, the commander of the surrounding force ordered them to slowly converge on the settlement.  🔊

Almost every road in America will eventually converge with another road at an intersection somewhere, creating a complex network of road for everyone to use.  🔊

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