Exhort in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Exhort

to strongly urge someone to do something

Examples of Exhort in a sentence

While I cannot force you to drive the speed limit, I exhort you to do so or else you might end up in jail.  🔊

A good leader will exhort people to achieve their own forms of greatness rather than try to force them on a certain path.  🔊

In her monthly speech, the school counselor will exhort the students to plan for their futures so they will be prepared for life.  🔊

Lobbyists make a living based on their ability to exhort others to do things they otherwise would not do.  🔊

As a dear friend, I exhort you to eat well and exercise regularly so you will have a long life.  🔊

The purpose of most commercials is to exhort consumers to buy a particular product or service.  🔊

Because I exhort my students to do well and provide them with all the necessary resources, they usually perform nicely in my classes.  🔊

Most doctors will exhort their patients to obtain regular physicals so that they can avoid serious illnesses.  🔊

Even though I enjoy having you as a coworker, I exhort you to accept the new job opportunity because it comes with a pay increase.  🔊

Computer software makers exhort developers to use their products by offering them perks such as free notebooks.  🔊

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