Copious in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Copious

large in number or quantity

Examples of Copious in a sentence

To avoid having a hangover, do not drink a copious amount of alcohol. 🔊

He was able to support his argument with copious reasoning. 🔊

Very rarely does the Red Cross have a copious blood supply as shortages are all too common. 🔊

It takes a copious amount of food to suppress my hungry appetite. 🔊

Take copious notes in class so that you have plenty of review material for the test. 🔊

With your copious free time this week, you should be volunteer at the homeless shelter. 🔊

After receiving copious letters from viewers, the network revived the cancelled show. 🔊

From the copious number of comments, the controversial news piece became the highest discussed story of 2012. 🔊

If I were to list the copious reasons why I'm right and you're wrong, we would be here all day. 🔊

Jane's copious biography detailed the life as a young girl in the Bronx, to the struggles of obtaining an AARP membership. 🔊

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