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Definition of Prolific

producing abundant results or works

Examples of Prolific in a sentence

Because the huge storm is expected to produce a prolific amount of snow, government offices and schools are being closed.

The prolific chemical reaction produced a lot of carbon monoxide.

While Angelina is a prolific actress who makes at least four movies a year, she always has time for her family.

The company hopes to woo investors with news of its prolific stock returns.

Since Hank is a prolific worker who gets a great deal done each day, he is never criticized for coming to work late.

Every team in the league wanted the prolific soccer player.

At the right flea market, a prolific seller can make a nice living.

Hopefully the fundraiser will be prolific and allow us to raise a great deal of money for the children’s home.

In the spring, the flowers in our yard are prolific producers of pollen.

Since Jim Smith scores over thirty points each game, he is considered to be one of the most prolific basketball players in history.

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