Liberal in a Sentence  πŸ”Š

Definition of Liberal

1) willing to consider new things and ideas 2) quite generous

Examples of Liberal in a sentence

If you are too liberal with the salt, the dish will be too salty for most taste buds. πŸ”Š

Although my grandfather has some liberal ideas, he still does not believe in the notion of female soldiers. πŸ”Š

It is hard for me to believe my parents were once hippies who had liberal views about drugs and sex. πŸ”Š

As a liberal thinker, the philosopher was eager to learn about the viewpoints of others. πŸ”Š

In the deep South, social integration was once considered an unnecessary liberal idea. πŸ”Š

Jimmy was so liberal with his paycheck that he spent most of his income on others. πŸ”Š

The political candidate’s liberal plans have enraged his conservative foes. πŸ”Š

Feel free to be liberal with the macaroni and cheese because it is my favorite dish. πŸ”Š

Because my neighbor is liberal with Halloween candy, her house has a steady stream of visitors on October 31. πŸ”Š

My parents are liberal with my allowance so I am never short on funds. πŸ”Š

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