Corral in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Corral

a small fenced-in area for animals, usually farm animals

Examples of Corral in a sentence

Trainers will typically take their horses inside the corral so that they can teach them certain talents without worrying about the horses escaping. 🔊

Metal panels were placed in a circle on the farm in order to build a corral for the animals so that they could move around a little bit. 🔊

At the Townsend Community Fair, the judges walked around the corral to see each cow entered in the contest. 🔊

Since the veterinarian was worried he would get kicked by the animal in the stall, the owner moved his animal to the corral so he couldn’t escape or injure anybody.  🔊

In order to keep the animals altogether, the farmer put his animals into the corral located in the north end of the fenced-in yard.  🔊

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