Correctly in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Correctly

in a way that is accurate, right, or true

Examples of Correctly in a sentence

She answered the question correctly and received full marks.  🔊

I spelled the word correctly on the spelling test.  🔊

He entered the password correctly and was able to log in to the system.  🔊

She solved the math problem correctly and was proud of her accomplishment.  🔊

He answered the trivia question correctly and won the game.  🔊

She drove the car correctly and didn't hit any other vehicles.  🔊

He filled out the form correctly and submitted it for review.  🔊

She used the correct grammar and punctuation in her essay.  🔊

He performed the experiment correctly and obtained accurate results.  🔊

She played the song correctly on the piano and received applause from the audience.  🔊

He followed the instructions correctly and assembled the toy.  🔊

He cooked the meal correctly and it tasted delicious.  🔊

She performed the dance steps correctly and impressed the judges.  🔊

She answered the customer's question correctly and provided helpful information.  🔊

She answered the question correctly and moved on to the next round of the game show.  🔊

He followed the recipe correctly and made a delicious cake.  🔊

He followed the safety instructions correctly and avoided any accidents.  🔊

She used the correct method and finished the puzzle correctly.  🔊

She answered the question correctly, earning herself a point.  🔊

He filled out the form correctly, making sure to include all the necessary information.  🔊

I pronounced the word correctly, surprising even myself.  🔊

She followed the instructions correctly, ensuring that the recipe turned out perfectly.  🔊

He solved the math problem correctly, showing his proficiency in the subject.  🔊

I entered the password correctly, gaining access to the account.  🔊

She spelled the word correctly, impressing the teacher.  🔊

He drove the car correctly, following all the rules of the road.  🔊

I turned off the stove correctly, avoiding any potential accidents.  🔊

She completed the puzzle correctly, revealing the picture on the box.  🔊

He checked the map correctly, finding the best route to the destination.  🔊

I completed the task correctly, satisfying the requirements of the assignment.  🔊

I set the table correctly, using the appropriate utensils and dishes.  🔊

He checked the tire pressure correctly, ensuring that the car was safe to drive.  🔊

She applied the makeup correctly, enhancing her natural beauty.  🔊

He finished the project correctly, submitting it on time and to a high standard.  🔊

I finished the exercise correctly, feeling proud of my accomplishment.  🔊

She wrapped the present correctly, making it look neat and presentable.  🔊

She used the equipment correctly, ensuring that she didn't injure herself.  🔊

I answered the phone correctly, using a polite and professional tone.  🔊

She formatted the document correctly, making it easy to read and understand.  🔊

She packed her suitcase correctly, making sure she had everything she needed for the trip.  🔊

He installed the software correctly, avoiding any technical errors.  🔊

I washed my hands correctly, making sure they were clean and hygienic.  🔊

He used the tools correctly, ensuring that the job was done correctly.  🔊

He solved the equation correctly, impressing his classmates.  🔊

I cleaned the dishes correctly, making sure they were free of any bacteria.  🔊

She followed the recipe correctly, resulting in a delicious meal.  🔊

He made the bed correctly, ensuring that it was neat and tidy.  🔊

I set the alarm correctly, waking up on time for work.  🔊

If someone answers a question correctly, they provide the right or correct answer.  🔊

If someone greets someone else correctly, they use the appropriate words, tone, or body language when greeting them.  🔊

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