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Definition of Clam

a type of mollusk that lives in water and has two shells that are hinged together

Examples of Clam in a sentence

The clam was tightly closed, so I knew it was still alive.  🔊

I picked up a clam from the shore and examined it.  🔊

The clam chowder was thick and rich, with plenty of clams.  🔊

I dug a hole in the sand and buried the clam.  🔊

The clammy hands of the nervous speaker betrayed her anxiety.  🔊

I opened the clam with a knife and removed the meat inside.  🔊

The clam bake was a huge success, with dozens of clams on the grill.  🔊

I love the way the sun sparkles on the clam shells along the beach.  🔊

The clam diggers were out early, looking for a tasty breakfast.  🔊

I could hear the clams calling to me from beneath the waves.  🔊

The clammy air of the underground cave made me shiver.  🔊

I used a clam rake to loosen the clams from the sandy bottom.  🔊

The clam was so big, it took two hands to hold it.  🔊

I shucked the clam and ate it raw, savoring the briny flavor.  🔊

The clam's hard shell protected its soft body from predators.  🔊

I found a beautiful clam shell on the beach and took it home as a souvenir.  🔊

The little girl was fascinated by the clams she found in the tide pool.  🔊

I fried the clam strips in butter and garlic for a delicious appetizer.  🔊

The clammy mist rolled in from the sea, enveloping the shore.  🔊

I used a clam knife to pry the clam open, but it was still tightly shut.  🔊

The clam's two halves formed a perfect heart shape when it was open.  🔊

I boiled the clams in white wine and herbs for a classic recipe.  🔊

The clamming season is a popular time for locals and tourists alike.  🔊

I scraped the clam meat from the shell and put it in a bucket.  🔊

The clam was so fresh, it practically jumped out of the shell when I cooked it.  🔊

I used a clam knife to cut the tough muscle that held the clam shut.  🔊

The clam's eyes were small and black, but they seemed to watch me as I worked.  🔊

I steamed the clams in a big pot until they opened, then I ate them with melted butter.  🔊

The clammy feeling of fear washed over me as I entered the dark tunnel.  🔊

I found a clam shell that was so old, it had been turned to stone.  🔊

The clam was a delicious addition to the seafood platter I ordered.  🔊

I pried the clam open with my fingers, careful not to break the shell.  🔊

The clam's flesh was plump and juicy, and it tasted like the sea.  🔊

I put the clam back in the water after examining it, so it could live on.  🔊

The clammy air inside the old house made it feel damp and musty.  🔊

I used a clamming rake to drag the bottom of the ocean and find clams.  🔊

The clam's meat was firm and sweet, with a delicate ocean flavor.  🔊

I cooked the clam in a spicy tomato sauce for a delicious pasta dish.  🔊

The clam's shell was so shiny, it looked like it was made of pearls.  🔊

I used a clam knife to carefully remove the clam meat without breaking the shell.  🔊

The clammy hands of the thief gave away his nervousness.  🔊

I tossed the clam in a bowl of ice water to help it open more easily.  🔊

I slurped the clam down whole, relishing the briny flavor and the crunch of the shell.  🔊

I carefully pried the clam open with a small knife and extracted the meat inside.  🔊

I shucked the clam open and ate the meat with a squeeze of lemon.  🔊

I fried the clam strips in a little bit of oil until they were crispy.  🔊

I dug a hole in the sand and buried the clam, then covered it with a towel.  🔊

I cooked the clam in a rich, creamy sauce for a luxurious meal.  🔊

I fried the clam strips in a little bit of oil until they were crispy.  🔊

I used a small knife to scrape the clam meat from the shell.  🔊

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