Crescendo in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Crescendo

the topmost increase in size or intensity

Examples of Crescendo in a sentence

The storm’s noisy crescendo meant it was getting closer to our home.  🔊

When the man’s pain hit a crescendo, he passed into unconsciousness.  🔊

We ran to stand between the two men when their disagreement reached a crescendo.  🔊

As the song neared its end, the orchestra began building up to its crescendo.  🔊

The audience’s applause hit an ear-piercing crescendo when the talk show host came through the curtains.  🔊

During the fiery debate, the candidate’s voice reached a crescendo when his rival accused him of criminal activity.  🔊

Interest in college basketball always hits a crescendo during the national playoff games.  🔊

As soon as the hometown soldiers appeared in the parade, cheers from their families and friends climbed to a crescendo.  🔊

When the lion felt threatened by the hunters, its roar reached a crescendo.  🔊

In the middle of December, Christmas tree sales will arrive at a crescendo and then begin to decrease.  🔊

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