Billowing in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Billowing

swelling out or bulging

Examples of Billowing in a sentence

As soon as the window was opened, the billowing curtains announced a cool breeze that was much needed on a hot day. 🔊

The shoplifter tried to hide several goods under her billowing skirt.  🔊

Even though the teenagers realized the billowing waves were dangerous, several of them still chose to go swimming in the ocean. 🔊

Every time I visit my sister in the country, I have to deal with the billowing dirt clouds that attack my car when I drive down her unpaved road.  🔊

Without billowing smoke, you will find it very hard to cook all the food you have placed on your grill.  🔊

When the wind blew very hard, it almost tore our billowing laundry off the clothesline in our backyard.  🔊

As the heavy rainstorm moved into our area, the billowing clouds turned dark.  🔊

The billowing wedding gown seemed to swallow the tiny bride.  🔊

When the minister walked up the steps, he almost tripped over his billowing robe.  🔊

The firemen did their best to extinguish the billowing flames before they spread to other houses in the community.  🔊

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