Crucible in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Crucible

a tough trial or test

Examples of Crucible in a sentence

Finding a nice affordable apartment is quite a crucible in this expensive town.  🔊

The crucible of the race is the six-mile hike up the rocky mountain.  🔊

During the scientific conference, the newly published theory will face a crucible of questions from unbelieving researchers.  🔊

Creating a new product that fits a need is a crucible for many inventors.  🔊

Because Phil survived the crucible of the first war, he felt he could handle anything that came his way at home.  🔊

The team physical is the crucible that decides whether or not we are fit enough to play professional football.  🔊

In a crucible of office politics, Frank lost favor with the company president and subsequently was terminated from his position.  🔊

The reality program showcases contestants who want to earn money by facing a crucible of terror in which they confront their deepest fears.  🔊

After the hazing crucible, Matt became a full member of the fraternity.  🔊

Boot camp is a crucible for new recruits in the military.  🔊

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