Rigorous in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Rigorous

strict and demanding

Examples of Rigorous in a sentence

To gain entry into any Special Forces unit in the military, you must push through rigorous testing. 🔊

Unless you get a truly rigorous workout, you should not expect to see any results. 🔊

With rigorous commitment to his studies, the student was able to pass with an A. 🔊

A good rigorous scrubbing will help to clean up most stains. 🔊

To find the best candidate, the school put its applicants through rigorous testing. 🔊

A body builder must go through rigorous training to build his muscles. 🔊

No matter how rigorous he was in his pursuit, the woman would not agree to date him. 🔊

It was a rigorous effort for sure, but he still fell short of the required guidelines. 🔊

The trainer developed a rigorous fitness program to help his clients lose weight. 🔊

After a rigorous run, the jogger felt that he might collapse. 🔊

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