Dalliance in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Dalliance

a relationship, usually romantic or sexual, that is taken lightly

Examples of Dalliance in a sentence

1. Since Jill and Frank were both married to other people, their workplace dalliance did not last very long.  🔉

2. Teenagers have shallow hearts so it is not surprising that they enter into one dalliance after another.  🔉

3. When Mitch learned his fiancée had a dalliance with another man, he cancelled the wedding. 🔉

4. The playboy was known for his ability to engage any woman, single or married, in a romantic dalliance.  🔉

5. If you are involved in a dalliance with Will, then you should not accept Hank’s marriage proposal. 🔉

6. It was obvious from the steamy emails that Kim and Fred were having a dalliance outside of the office. 🔉

7. Unfortunately Gail’s youthful dalliance ended in a teen pregnancy. 🔉

8. Although Matt is dating the class president, he still made time to have a brief dalliance with the head cheerleader.  🔉

9. Even though my husband would probably like to have a dalliance with our lovely neighbor, he knows I will kill him slowly for adultery.  🔉

10. After Lori’s dalliance with the world leader, she became so famous she got her own television show. 🔉

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