Indigent in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Indigent

extremely poor

Examples of Indigent in a sentence

The indigent man could not afford food or clothing. 🔊

In many indigent countries, people often go days without eating. 🔊

The government has a healthcare program for indigent individuals who cannot obtain their own medical plan. 🔊

Because Jack works for a lot of indigent clients, he does not earn a lot of money as an attorney. 🔊

The billionaire laughed when someone confused him with an indigent homeless man. 🔊

If your family is indigent, you may be able to get scholarships that are reserved for poor students. 🔊

Indigent people will often wait in line for hours to get food from the soup kitchens. 🔊

Since Dr. Smith is more concerned about making money than caring for ill individuals, he will not see indigent patients. 🔊

The indigent family was evicted from their home because they could not pay the rent. 🔊

Under the law, indigent people who are arrested are provided with free legal services. 🔊

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