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Definition of Dapper

neat in appearance, usually referring to a male

Examples of Dapper in a sentence

In the roaring twenties, all of the dapper men took a great deal of care with their appearance.  🔊

The mother dressed her son in his most dapper attire for the family reunion.  🔊

With a nice suit and some hot water, the homeless man is going to look quite dapper for his job interview.  🔊

Josh smiled when the attractive young lady told him he looked dapper in his new jeans.  🔊

Whoever would have thought the untidy mechanic could turn into a dapper young man for his prom?  🔊

The playboy believed wearing shades and a sports coat made him look dapper.  🔊

Even when the male model goes to the grocery store, he makes sure he looks dapper in a stylish outfit.  🔊

Because the mafia boss liked to dress neatly, he was referred to as the Dapper Don.  🔊

Although William was not a wealthy fellow, he got his suits dry-cleaned so he would look dapper at work.  🔊

Dressed in their tuxedos, the groomsmen looked very dapper.  🔊

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