Debonair in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Debonair

confident and stylish; suave

Examples of Debonair in a sentence

Everyone is excited about the idea of the handsome athlete playing a debonair spy in the new movie.  🔊

On the day of his wedding, my brother looked debonair in his tuxedo.  🔊

The debonair man knew he could win the woman over with a smile and a few choice words.  🔊

With his dirty hair and rumpled clothing, the homeless man looked far from debonair.  🔊

Onscreen and in person, the Hollywood actor always manages to look so debonair.  🔊

The con man became distraught when he realized his trial was to be overseen by a male judge who would not be impressed by his debonair attitude.  🔊

As soon as the debonair singer walked on the stage, all the female audience members screamed.  🔊

Have you ever seen the movie about the innocent young woman who kills the debonair playboy after he dumps her?  🔊

Because the teenager wanted to look debonair at the dance, he bought a stylish new suit for the event.  🔊

When the female suspects saw the debonair detective, they grew lightheaded and quickly began to confess crimes they had not even committed.  🔊

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