Debenture in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Debenture

a document admitting to owing money usually used with big corporations

Examples of Debenture in a sentence

After publicizing the debenture, it became known to the country that this large company was obligated to pay large sums of money back to the lending institution. 🔊

When the money was lent, lawyers drew up the debenture to be signed by all parties representing the financially struggling business and the bank. 🔊

Instead of declaring bankruptcy, Kmart decided to take out a loan and sign a debenture so that the company had the credentials showing their debt. 🔊

When a company signs a debenture, it is benefiting to get a loan but is under obligation to pay it back plus interest. 🔊

Due to the debenture, the CEO of the large company needed to know how much the payoff amount was since they had paid on this debt for years. 🔊

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