Decorous in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Decorous

proper in behavior

Examples of Decorous in a sentence

Following a decorous dress code that respects the sensitivity and modesty of others is required at the school. 🔊

When Bill walked away from a fight in church, he behaved in a decorous manner. 🔊

After Amy had several drinks, she abandoned her decorous behavior and became extremely offensive. 🔊

The soldier was reprimanded by his commanding officer for behaving in a way that was not decorous. 🔊

If the students do not act decorous at the dance, they will be asked to leave. 🔊

The parents asked their children to be on their most decorous behavior at the formal dinner. 🔊

She greeted the doorman with a decorous nod. 🔊

Restrain yourself and maintain a decorous and proper attitude during the reading of the verdict. 🔊

He then proceeded to eat his steak using a fork and a knife in a decorous manner. 🔊

By the decorous standards of the debate competition, no fighting words will be allowed. 🔊

Even with hostile customers, the employee was respectful, friendly and decorous. 🔊

Brad was always considered a polite and decorous neighbor until one evening he was heard yelling obscenities at his wife. 🔊

In the usually decorous Senate, tempers flared when the board of directors weighed a vote on the controversial attorney general nominee. 🔊

For human decency's sake, don't show off because you're meant to be completely decorous and well-behaved! 🔊

Although William attempts to adopt a decorous tone, he lets a certain harshness slip into his otherwise careful statement. 🔊

The director of the finishing school is a decorous woman known for her perfect social skills. 🔊

Pruning back the profanity is a surprisingly decorous gesture from a person known for his endless use of curse words. 🔊

She wore her favorite skirt with a decorous length just above her knee. 🔊

It's never decorous to speak without raising your hand in class. 🔊

Wearing a swimsuit with multiple wardrobe malfunctions to your grandfather's funeral is anything but decorous. 🔊

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