Delectable in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Delectable

tasting delicious

Examples of Delectable in a sentence

When you go to a five-star restaurant, you should expect nothing but a delectable meal that exceeds your expectations. 🔊

I could not stop eating the delectable dish.  🔊

Before Jane could turn around, her two sons had eaten all of the delectable cookies. 🔊

Please put more of that delectable wine in my glass.  🔊

If you do not get to the bakery early, you will miss out on all the delectable pastries.  🔊

Everybody loves it when April brings her delectable chocolate cake to the teacher’s meetings.  🔊

For my anniversary, my husband cooked me a delectable meal of all my favorite foods.  🔊

Everything on the menu sounded so delectable that I had a difficult time choosing my entrée.  🔊

The wonderful service and the delectable food combined to make my first visit to the restaurant a spectacular one.  🔊

Even though Margaret had already eaten a large meal, she could not resist eating two slices of the delectable pie.  🔊

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