Winsome in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Winsome

appealing in an innocent manner

Examples of Winsome in a sentence

Greg’s winsome smile is incredibly boyish.  🔊

Even though the model is in her forties, she still uses her winsome looks to grace the covers of teen magazines.  🔊

The director felt the winsome actress was too youthful to play the role of the middle-aged femme fatale.  🔊

Although I am an adult, I am still drawn to winsome toys like building blocks and dollhouses.  🔊

The salesman’s winsome grin put the woman at ease.  🔊

Because Alan is extremely softhearted, he cannot ignore his daughter’s winsome request for cookies at each meal.  🔊

The winsome painting reminded me of my childhood days.  🔊

After stealing the bread off the table, the dog begged for forgiveness by holding his head down in a winsome manner.  🔊

The politician’s winsome personality makes him appealing to young and old voters alike.  🔊

If Kate and Mark do not punish their son soon, he will believe he can avoid consequences by displaying a winsome smile.  🔊

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