Deposition in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Deposition

the rejection of an individual from an office

Examples of Deposition in a sentence

After the deposition of the president, the vice-president was asked to lead the country. 🔊

The deposition created a vacancy on the school board. 🔊

As soon as the people received word of the dictator’s deposition, they ran in the streets and started to celebrate. 🔊

The deposition of the football coach has left the team without a leader. 🔊

When the voters learned of the politician’s tax evasion charges, they called for his deposition. 🔊

Once the judge’s deposition becomes final, the committee will meet to choose a new judge. 🔊

After Thompson’s deposition as governor, he will be asked to immediately vacate the governor’s mansion. 🔊

Since Larry does not want to give up his position as vice-president, he has hired a lawyer to fight the deposition. 🔊

Maggie started to look for a new job as soon as she learned about her deposition. 🔊

Because of the soldier’s dishonorable deposition, he cannot be buried in a military cemetery. 🔊

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