Doleful in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Doleful

filled with sadness or grief

Examples of Doleful in a sentence

My mother’s eyes were doleful after my father moved out of the house. 🔊

Because Jane has not received any news of her missing son, she has been doleful to the point of not being able to eat or sleep. 🔊

The doleful music made everyone cry. 🔊

After I read about the tragedy, I felt doleful for several hours. 🔊

The child had a doleful look on his face when he learned Santa Claus was not real. 🔊

As soon as I saw the doctor’s doleful expression, I knew my father’s condition was not good. 🔊

The doleful widower tried to drown his misery at the bar. 🔊

When the dog is locked in the crate, it makes a doleful noise. 🔊

It was obvious from Richard’s doleful expression he was still grieving for his deceased wife. 🔊

After the divorce, Marie was doleful when she thought about her future. 🔊

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