Scorn in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Scorn

disrespect or disapproval for someone or something

Examples of Scorn in a sentence

Though he did not mean to scorn the girl, his rejection came off as extremely offensive. 🔊

For PETA, anyone who abuses animals is met with scorn. 🔊

The man felt scorn for his ex-girlfriend after she cheated on him. 🔊

He had nothing but scorn for his enemies. 🔊

The soldiers were trained to look upon their enemies with scorn. 🔊

When the man walked into the feminist meeting and asked for a sandwich, he was met with looks of scorn. 🔊

She did not mean to scorn him, but his repetitive questions were becoming too annoying to handle. 🔊

The wealthy often receive the scorn of those who feel they lack opportunity. 🔊

Many celebrities look at paparazzi with scorn. 🔊

Vegetarians often look at meet eaters with scorn. 🔊

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