Detractor in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Detractor

a critic usually freely skeptical of something

Examples of Detractor in a sentence

Once the controversial movie was released into theaters, a detractor verbally disapproved in the local newspaper of its success.  🔊

After the disgraced restauranteur opened her latest diner, every detractor reported poor opinions of the future of her eatery.  🔊

Even though there wasn’t any evidence to prove the defendant committed the crime, a detractor told the press that he was 100% guilty.  🔊

Since everyone in the audience believed in the magician’s awestruck tricks, understandably there was not a detractor in the audience.  🔊

After the man entered the political office, every detractor wanted to blame him publicly for issues that he obviously couldn’t control even if they couldn’t prove any of the issues.  🔊

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