Differ in a Sentence  đź”Š

Definition of Differ

to disagree or clash

Examples of Differ in a sentence

After discussing the dress code, the teacher’s opinion of wanting longer skirt requirements would differ from the students wanting to wear shorter skirts.  đź”Š

If a mother’s decision to allow her kids to stay up past their bedtimes differ from her husband’s decisions, this will send mixed messages to the kids.  đź”Š

The carefree woman’s perspective on childrearing would differ significantly than that of a strict military father’s.  đź”Š

The artist’s collection of paintings showed various angles of a scene so that people would differ their perspectives about the scene.  đź”Š

Since the boss refused to allow his diligent employee any time off for the next few months, they would differ in thoughts about each other.  đź”Š

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