Highfalutin in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Highfalutin

conceited or arrogant

Examples of Highfalutin in a sentence

After the woman discussed her potential case with the highfalutin lawyer, she deliberated whether the lawyer’s abilities were worth his high prices.  🔊

Decades ago, highfalutin people would pay hundreds of dollars for purebred dogs who would walk these pets around town showing them off to the average people.  🔊

The highfalutin celebrity would drive one of her many luxury cars around town just to show them off.  🔊

“You probably don’t want to live in this neighborhood,” the realtor pointed to the mansion, “because these highfalutin homeowners only speak to people who make over a million dollars a year.”  🔊

Many citizens were angered that the highfalutin preachers lived in large homes and made millions of dollars a year by flaunting their wealth.  🔊

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