Diffraction in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Diffraction

the process in which light waves are spread out by passing over an edge or a thin aperture

Examples of Diffraction in a sentence

The dispersion of light occurs through diffraction, when light passes through a narrow opening like the branches of a tree.  🔊

When light goes through the leaves of the treetops, it goes through diffraction, spreading into a wider spectrum.  🔊

If you aim a flashlight at a crack in the wall, diffraction will make that beam of light spread out on the other side.  🔊

Whenever light passes through a small opening, it spreads out on the other side, a process known as diffraction.  🔊

Diffraction is the process of light spreading out whenever it passes through a small opening, like a keyhole or a crack in the wall.  🔊

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