Demerit in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Demerit

the negative aspects of something

Examples of Demerit in a sentence

This idea has both a merit and a demerit to it, but I haven’t decided whether or not the benefit is greater than the cost.  🔊

My partner proposed a plan for our current predicament, but I decided that the demerit was too costly compared to the benefit of it.  🔊

I do like this outfit, but the one demerit it has is my socks, which are a bit too short for my liking,  🔊

If you’re looking for a demerit on this car, the only real bad thing about it is its cost, since everything else is great.  🔊

We have a nice house, but we count that air conditioning system as a demerit, since it doesn’t run at maximum efficiency.  🔊

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