Discretionary in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Discretionary

considered to be chosen or voluntary

Examples of Discretionary in a sentence

Banks have a tendency to loan money through strict methods, but individuals can make a discretionary loan to others without regard to their backgrounds.  🔊

After paying their bills, the discretionary spending with the remaining money was also disbursed between the family’s vacations and eating meals at restaurants.  🔊

Only one discretionary expense on the businessman’s trip expenditures caught the eye of his boss which he refused to pay for.  🔊

When the college student’s parents realized he was only taking three courses this semester, he told them this was his own discretionary decision since he was an adult.  🔊

It was Pete’s discretionary measure to send the remainder of his paycheck to his favorite charities because he loved to help out.  🔊

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