Distant in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Distant

far away from each other physically or in time

Examples of Distant in a sentence

1. The most distant celestial body from the Sun in our solar system is Pluto, a dwarf planet at the farthest reaches of our immediate space. 🔉

2. No one is sure how long it will be before humans can travel into deep space, but I imagine that day is quite distant from where we are now. 🔉

3. The state of California is quite distant from the state of Maine, but it is even more distant from the countries of Europe. 🔉

4. The events of a hundred years ago seem to be in the distant past to those of us living today, but the events of a thousand years ago are like ancient history. 🔉

5. If planet Earth were not exactly as distant from the sun as it is, it would almost certainly be too hot or too cold for human survival. 🔉

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