Medial in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Medial

situated in the middle of something

Examples of Medial in a sentence

With three people standing in a line, the person in the middle of the line has a medial position. 🔊

The reason that patch of grass between two roads is called a median is because it has a medial position in the middle of those two roads. 🔊

I have a friend who is shorter than me and one that is taller than me, making me the medial individual in our group as far as height is concerned. 🔊

There are three classes of wealth in the United States, and the middle class is medial because it is above the lower class and below the upper class. 🔊

If you have a number line with five numbers in it, the third number is medial, being in the perfect middle of the entire line. 🔊

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