Dogged in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Dogged

marked by stubborn determination

Examples of Dogged in a sentence

Even though John was miles behind the other runners, his dogged determination would not let him quit the race. đź”Š

The prosecutor’s dogged pursuit of justice led to the criminal’s conviction.  đź”Š

Although the police kept questioning Maria about her involvement in the robbery, she maintained a dogged silence. đź”Š

Hank’s dogged perseverance allowed him to complete the tiresome triathlon.  đź”Š

If it wasn’t for the politician’s dogged commitment, the bill would never have been passed.  đź”Š

The explorer’s dogged search for gold ended with him finding a fortune in the abandoned mine.  đź”Š

Because of the dogged efforts of the volunteers, the missing little girl was safely reunited with her parents.  đź”Š

Although my favorite football team rarely wins a game, I never fail to give them my dogged support.  đź”Š

The young wrestler’s dogged hard work paid off when he became the world champion in his division.  đź”Š

Armed with dogged resolve, the youth group slowly built a new home for the displaced family.  đź”Š

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