Convoluted in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Convoluted

extremely complex and difficult to follow

Examples of Convoluted in a sentence

My head began to hurt as I listened to the professor’s convoluted speech.  🔊

Although Janice spoke slowly, I found it difficult to understand her convoluted story.  🔊

I had a hard time understanding the movie’s convoluted plot.  🔊

Because the medical procedure is a convoluted process, it takes a very long time to complete.  🔊

Readers often get lost in the writer’s long convoluted sentences.  🔊

In hopes of confusing the jury, the lawyer made a convoluted argument which only a few people could understand.  🔊

Even though my brother told my parents a convoluted lie, they were still able to see the truth in his tale.  🔊

If we get rid of this convoluted ordering system, we can process orders more quickly.  🔊

When I fly, I prefer a direct flight not one which takes me on a convoluted journey.  🔊

The job application is so convoluted it will probably take me two hours to read it.  🔊

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